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Planning for Literacy with Yvonne Messenger and Jennifer Chamberlain

At 4:30 am
HEOT Classroom, 3390 South Service Road, Suite 103 Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3J5

Growing Success with Karen Worlidge

At 4:30 pm
HEOT Classroom, 3390 South Service Road, Suite 103 Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3J5

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What do I do if I am Injured at work?

Go to the office and fill out an EIR (Employee Incident Report). A minor injury could turn into something bigger and could end up being a WSIB claim. Be proactive and protect yourself!

How many days must I work to remain on the OT Roster?

20 full days (2 half days = 1 full day) STO (daily work) and LTO days count.

What is my ETFO ID and where do I find it?

This is a number assigned to you by ETFO Provincial to track your membership information. It can be found on your ETFO membership card (the one with the apple on it!). Can’t find it –call 1-888- 838-3836 and ask for member services.

I have been assigned duty on the first morning of my STO assignment what do I do?

Go to the office administrator and have it re-assigned. Our Collective Agreement clearly states: An Occasional Teacher shall not be assigned any yard duty or bus duty prior to the commencement of class on the first morning of an assignment or prior to commencement of the afternoon class on the first day if it is a half-day afternoon assignment. It is understood that a comparable duty may be assigned by the Principal during the day.

What do I do if Smartfind says I start work at 10 am?

OTs are only paid full days or ½ days, whereas teachers hours vary. Go to the school at the start of day and report to the administrator, they will assign you other work til the scheduled work begins. The same applies for the end of the day, you do not leave til the school bell rings.


Check out the OTF Connects 2017 Fall Program     Register now! The Ontario Teachers’ Federation is pleased to continue supporting self-directed teacher learning through OTF Connects. Developed for teachers by teachers, our free professional learning webinar program provides you with easy-to-access PD right at your home computer or mobile device. OTF Connects invites teachers to learn, share and […]


Members if you worked the first week of school and received your first pay Sept.22 you may have noticed a little more pocket money. We received a 1.5% pay raise! Our new daily rate is $233.55. LTOs also received a 1.5% increase  on their grid rate. To see the new LTO grid go to membership […]