Pilot of Elementary OTs Working from Home

Pilot of Elementary OTs Working from Home

Great news for those Occasional Teachers who have been reluctant to accept jobs for a variety of reasons. This pilot project should help to relieve unfilled jobs, especially in virtual schools.

If you have been reluctant to accept a virtual job in the past consider this pilot to help you.

November 1, 2020

To: Elementary Occasional Teachers

Elementary Principals


From: Sari Taha, Superintendent of Human Resources

John Pennyfather, Superintendent of Schools


The Board has considered the benefits of allowing daily occasional teachers to work from home when replacing an absent teacher at an elementary virtual school. We believe that this may alleviate the crowding in some elementary schools as well as increase the number of elementary occasional teachers able to teach in our schools. We are aware that some occasional teachers with medical issues and/or who live with medically compromised family members, as well as those in high risk categories, such as retirees, may have declined to work since schools reopened in September. It is our hope that many of these teachers will begin to work during this pilot and ease the unfilled absence issues we have experienced in virtual schools.

Elementary occasional teachers who wish to continue to work from the ‘home school’ of the teacher they are replacing are welcome to do so. Those that wish to work from home when assigned at a virtual school must meet the Board’s requirements, found in this document and fill out this form attesting they understand these requirements and will comply with them.

We will pilot this model for the month of November and gather data on fill rates, supervision and technology issues prior to making a decision whether to continue or end the pilot.

We hope that the protocol above and this FAQ will answer any questions you may have about this pilot project, but if you have others, please contact Allison Ippolito, Manager of Human Resources vaderippolita@hdsb.ca. We urge you to bookmark the FAQ as new questions will be answered as necessary.

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