Election Workshops

Election Workshops

The provincial election is less than 8 months away! Here are three opportunities from ETFO to learn about how to become involved in the election process by supporting a candidate. All are online and registration is available now through The ETFO Event Management System (EMS). You’ll have to create an account if you don’t already have one. You may choose to attend one, two or all three of these sessions. No previous experience required!

Media Training: This workshop will teach members how to produce better pitches, reach more journalists and generate more earned media. Media is a necessary tool that we need to promote our values, challenge dominant narratives and to protect public education. This training will give members an opportunity to learn how to expand their reach into our communities and tell our own story using alternative media sources.

Electoral Organizing: This workshop will be a broad overview of the roles, strategies, and concepts of Election Campaigns.  Campaigns are driven by financial and volunteer resources.  This training workshop will explain and demystify how election campaigns work.  We will discuss how one becomes a candidate, volunteer roles, donations, communications, data tracking, and getting out the vote.

Canvassing 101: In this training participants will be guided through the different forms of voter outreach. Participants will learn how to canvass communities virtually, go door to door and how to phone bank.

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