International Women's Day Event - Quiz Answers!


March 7, 2018 - 5:30 pm


March 7, 2018 - 12:00 am

Your HEOT Status of Women Committee is sponsoring a table at the

International Women’s Day event, The Dinner Party hosted by Women of Halton

Action Movement on March 7, 2018.  Win a ticket to this event by

participating in our fun Women’s Day Quiz posted in our Google Groups

conference.  Good Luck!

Mary Kebalo-Plata

March 8th is designated International Women’s Day.  Earlier this year, I posted a quiz to help you get to know a few of Canada’s amazing and inspiring women.  Today, I’d like to share the answers to the quiz.
Please take a moment to get to know these great women and the fruits of their labour that made Canada a better place to live!
  1. “The constant happiness is curiosity.”  – said the 2013 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature – Alice Munro
  2. She was the Wayne Gretzky of women’s hockey.  She won four world championships and was one of the first two women inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame – Angela James
  3. Inspired by the tragedy of her infant son consuming tainted milk, she pushed for home economics courses to be taught in Ontario public schools.  She also founded the National Council of Women, the Victorian Order of Nurses and the YWCA – Adelaide Hoodless
  4. The first Canadian Black Woman to be elected to the House of Commons in 1993 – Jean Augustine
  5. A famous author and ardent environmentalist, this woman invented a device called the LongPen that allows authors to interact with fans online without expending fuel for book tours –Margaret Atwood
  6. This woman lobbied in Canada for the creation of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women and was responsible for women getting equality rights included in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  She was also a long time editor of Chatelaine magazine – Doris Anderson
  7. After witnessing firsthand the struggles of kids affected by war, this woman co-founded War Child Canada, an organization that helps children in war zones across the globe – Dr. Samantha Nutt
  8. She was the First Canadian woman licensed to practise medicine in Canada – Jennie Trout
  9. Now working with the Right to Play foundation helping kids in disadvantaged areas, this athlete was the only Canadian to ever win multiple medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games – Clara Hughes
  10. This woman is a teacher, war correspondent, author, human rights activist and member of the Order of Canada. In her 2013 book she claims…”A new age is dawning for every mother’s daughter.” – Sally Armstrong


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