Edvantage member offer: GoodLife Virtual Wellness Classes and Workshops- March 5-11

Edvantage is pleased to announce an exciting limited time offer: from March 5-11 all Edvantage members will have FREE unlimited access to virtual fitness classes and workshops from GoodLife. These action-packed sessions will feature informative and educational workshops from subject matter experts, as well as exceptional classes from award-winning Goodlife instructors. These classes will be available through […]

HEOT Hotline Newsletter – Winter 2021 Online Edition

Welcome to the third online edition of our member newsletter. We have changed the name to HEOT Hotline Newsletter to reflect our local. In this edition you will find updates from many of your executive members. There are many resources linked to areas of the ETFO, OTF and the Virtual Education section of MyHDSB.            […]

5 common driving violations and how to avoid them

While we all do our best to obey the rules of the road, sometimes even the most seasoned drivers find themselves on the other side of a traffic stop. Getting pulled over for a driving violation generally results in a ticket to pay, along with a potential increase to your car insurance premium. Worried you […]

Myth buster: The truth about working with an insurance broker

If you’ve never worked with an insurance broker, you may have questions about what they do and how they are unique in the market place. Learn how OTIP insurance brokers advocate for thousands of members like you ensuring they make the right choice for their auto and home insurance needs. Learn more at www.otipinsurance.com/article97.       […]

ETFO PRS Matters Bulletin

Click here for the latest PRS Bulletin, Volume 110: WSIB and COVID-19 in the Workplace For all other PRS Matters Bulletins see the ETFO website

Important information about Tutoring Students

We are aware that many Occasional teachers tutor students as a supplementary income.  Although ETFO does not support privately funded tutoring, members are legally able to engage in tutoring on their own time.  Just be aware that the school board nor the union can protect you from any allegations. Also tutoring cannot be done on […]

Pilot of Elementary OTs Working from Home

Great news for those Occasional Teachers who have been reluctant to accept jobs for a variety of reasons. This pilot project should help to relieve unfilled jobs, especially in virtual schools. If you have been reluctant to accept a virtual job in the past consider this pilot to help you. November 1, 2020 To: Elementary […]

COVID-19 School and Child Care Screening

Answer the following questions to help you decide if you should or should not go to school/child care today. You must screen for COVID-19 every day before going to school/child care. Using this tool is optional and is not tracked or enforced. If your school board, child care provider, or public health unit has another […]