New driver in the house? Discover how you can save money on insurance premiums!

It’s no secret that new drivers pay higher car insurance premiums, as they have less experience behind the wheel and the need to build up a safe driving record. This inexperience contributes to the overrepresentation of teenage drivers in car accidents — although young Canadians represent 13% of the licensed driving population, they account for […]

Protecting your privacy when using electronic pink slips

In some Canadian provinces – including Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador – drivers can now display an electronic pink slip on their smartphone when asked for proof of insurance. This provides a more convenient option over paper pink slips, which can be easy to lose and difficult to replace. However, many drivers […]

HEOT Hotline Newsletter – Spring 2021 Online Edition

Welcome to the spring online edition of our member newsletter. In this edition you will find updates from many of your executive members. There are current resources linked to areas of the ETFO, OTF and the Virtual Education section of MyHDSB.            It is our goal to send out three newsletters a year to keep […]

Determining Classroom Safety

ETFO Provincial Health and Safety Website: Check out the Covid Safety Checklist from ETFO Provincial.  It contains some good information to help determine how safe a classroom would be to work.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Proposed Constitutional Amendments  May 26, 2021 Moved by the Executive that the following Constitution Articles be amended by 9.4.6 Executive Members ( up to 4) be amended to read “Executive Members ( 4-6)” And 6.1 ( Max. 4) Executive Members be amended to read “( 4-6) Executive Members” Rationale:  At this time our local is […]

Call for Nominations

This is the official notice for a call for Nominations for HEOT Executive Members for the 2021-2023 term of office.  All positions will be elected at our Virtual Spring Annual Meeting on May 26, 2021 The following positions are to be elected President,  1st Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Professional Learning Chair, Executive Members ( who […]

ETFO PRS Matters Bulletin

Click here for the latest PRS Bulletin, Volume 110: WSIB and COVID-19 in the Workplace For all other PRS Matters Bulletins see the ETFO website