Professional Learning Opportunities (PL)

Union run workshop
One of the priorities of the union is to provide relevant and engaging PL opportunities for its members.   The PL chair is responsible for listening to the learning needs of our members and organizing workshops that will address those needs.  Programming choices include workshops aimed at our members who wish to move on to permanent jobs as well as providing our career OTs and retired members workshops that allow them access to new board and classroom initiatives.  We strive to invite dynamic speakers, from both within and outside of the board.  Our workshops are advertised on the website as well as on the HDSB OT elementary Google group.  A link is provided to register through Eventbrite.  These workshops are only available to our current members.  Dependent care is always available during our workshops with the information and forms provided on the website.  Please note that cancellation from a workshop requires 48 hours notice in order to defray the costs of pre-ordered food.

Board run workshops
The board will also reserve up to 20% of the spots in any of their workshops for Occasional Teachers.  If you would like to browse their upcoming workshops they can be accessed through PD Place on MyHDSB.   Be sure to examine the intended audience before registering!

ETFO run workshops
The Elementary Teachers Federation also runs fantastic workshops.  Upcoming workshops can be accessed through the website ( and then accessing the Events Portal.  You will need to create an account based on your ETFO member ID.  ETFO also runs the ever-popular summer academy workshops, which are intensive 3 day workshop run by ETFO presenters allowing you the opportunity to network and collaborate with teachers from all over Ontario.  Costs associated with the ETFO workshops can be mitigated by applying your PL subsidy towards completed workshops and courses.




The Halton Elementary Occasional Teachers’ Professional Learning Committee offers you an opportunity to purchase resources, (i.e. books,kits, CDs, DVDs, resources from TPT, etc.) that relate to your professional needs and interests AND receive a rebate of up to $50.00 once per school year. This also includes AQ course books. Requests for resource subsidies will be considered up until May 15th or when  allotted funds have been allocated. Reimbursement cheques will be mailed upon receipt and consideration of the information provided.

You are invited to purchase books at your favourite bookstore, open and print the PDF and complete all of the information.  Send the completed form and the ORIGINAL RECEIPTS along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to PL Chair, ETFO-HEOT Office, 3390 S. Service Rd, Suite 103, Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3J5. 

****Please note that reimbursements for Scholastic Book orders are not included in this subsidy.*****


PL Resource Subsidy Form

The Halton Elementary Occasional Teacher Local is able to provide subsidy funding once per school year (to a maximum of $150 per person) for Halton Elementary Occasional Teachers to attend a Professional Learning Activity not offered by our own local. OTs may attend a Professional Learning Conference/Seminar related to their specific interest and needs. You may also attend Summer Academy courses with ETFO and claim the cost in September of the following year. As long as you are still on our OT Roster in September you qualify for this subsidy but it counts towards this year’s access to the subsidy.

AQ courses related to Elementary Education are now eligible! You must be an OT on our roster for at least 12 months prior to application, to qualify for AQ course coverage. You will complete the course and submit the cost, proof of attendance and passing grade. Send in the completed form and receive up to $150 towards the cost of the course.

As we have increased the funding  this can be accessed for more than one event now BUT can only be processed once, in other words you would hand the paperwork for all events attended, in together. This is available up to May 15th or when allotted funds have been exhausted.

A copy of the CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM MUST accompany this application.  Applicants will be notified if their request for subsidy funding is denied.

Open, print and complete the REQUEST FORM PDF below and submit it for consideration, with a copy of the event registration, original receipts (keep a copy for your records) and a self-addressed stamped envelope FOLLOWING THE EVENTS attended.  Please note that only registration costs will be considered. Funds will only be reimbursed on proof of completion of the conference(attendance record or certificate if provided).  Send the completed form and the ORIGINAL RECEIPTS along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to PL Chair, ETFO-HEOT Office, 3390 South Service Rd, Suite 103, Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3J5. 

PL Individual Subsidy Form

Halton Elementary Public Schools Awards of Recognition

Have you worked as an OT at a school where you immediately felt comfortable?

Were you familiarized with school routines and/or procedures when you first arrived?

Did administrators or others provide you with the OT School Information Package to assist you with your day?

Was information pertaining to OT’s clearly displayed and available?

Did anyone offer assistance if you had any questions or concerns?

Did you feel that your work was valued and respected by the staff?

Would you like to work at this school every day?

These are the kinds of things we would like you to consider when nominating a school for the Award of Recognition.  One school from each area (North, East and West) will receive a framed certificate and treats from Halton Elementary Occasional Teacher Local for the work that they do to make our OT’s feel comfortable, valued, respected  and welcome. Award winning schools will have representatives invited to our Spring Annual Dinner to accept their Award.

School of Recognition Form

Please print and return this Nomination Form to the ETFO-OT Office via board courier, or by mail to 3390 S. Service Rd., Suite 103 , Burlington, Ont., L7N 3J5. Mark the envelope – Attn: Chair of Awards Committee